The Project

A blended learning programme for competence development beyond pure professional skills​

Our Motivation

Public transport is a sector of growing importance for European cities and rural areas alike. It provides an essential basis for implementing a modern society’s need for mobility in line with sustainable and environmentally friendly development. This also results in a growing economic importance of this sector.

With increasing urban populations and growing sustainability demands, public transport employees face a number of challenges every day, from embracing the rise of new technologies like self-driving systems to navigating customer service and de-escalating conflicts, all while providing cultural awareness and representing ideas of sustainability.

Our Goals

With Competence+, we want to offer training opportunities for VET students and employees of public transportation in four different areas:

  1. Environmental awareness
  2. Conflict awareness
  3. Moral courage
  4. Stress management

By empowering them to initiate concrete changes, to initiate rethinking and to optimize their own actions, they will not only be able to participate directly in their workplace, but also to take part in the development of their own work.

The aim of the project is to create an advanced training platform that both trainees and employees in public transport can use to further their education. The course concept includes both eLearning and classroom training. A special feature of Competence+ is that virtual reality scenarios are created that enable learners to directly apply and test their newly acquired competences and skills.

The project also includes an application manual for instructors and trainers who want to use or adapt Competence+ themselves.

Together with the transport operators Reus Mobilitat (Spain) and Straeto (Iceland), LAB (Germany) will bring the direct public transport perspective to the project, while Wisamar (Germany), DomSpain (Spain), Virsabi (Denmark) and StandoutEducation (Cyprus) will contribute their expertise in vocational training projects. The project runs from November 2020 to April 2023.

Our Intellectual Outputs

IO 1

  • Development and definition of the conceptual framework for the course
  • Creation of a practice-oriented concept that can be directly used and implemented
  • Analysis of the current state of the available materials
  • Development of a modular concept in which each module can be used individually or in any combination
  • Review by four experts in each country

IO 2

  • Selection of thematic modules according to the analysis in IO1.
  • Creation of workshop concepts: Each module contains parts for sensitisation, for strengthening action competencies and for providing adequate communication possibilities.
  • Testing of the workshop concepts by experts in the field

IO 3

  • Design of the educational platform
  • Creation of the Virtual Reality scenarios
  • Enhancement of the workshop materials with video tutorials

IO 4

Guide for Teachers and Trainers 

  • Development of the guide on how to use the Competence+ materials  
  • Review of the guide 
  • Testing of the guide in praxis 
  • Adaptation of the guide to ensure the maximum practical relevance of the output 

Impact of Competence+

For trainers and employees it will:  

  • Increase the knowledge and skills of trainers providing training to current and future employees 
  • Improve the professional development of VET trainers and provide quality education 
  • Increase employment opportunities and ensure a safe working environment 
  • Implement sustainability strategies and personal stress management in the public transport sector at the local and regional level 
  • Encourage the acquisition of skills and competencies that will help them in their professional lives 
  • Aid personal growth by increasing key competencies related to civil duty, cultural awareness, digital, personal, social, and learning skills 
  • Increase job opportunities through practical skills. 

For the community it will: 

  • Increase awareness for the project’s topics 
  • Improve user-oriented service (communication with passengers, their safety and appropriate, courageous intervention in the event of an emergency)  

For VET and training educators it will: 

  • Strengthen local and regional networks and cooperations between public transport companies, VET programs, and adult education providers 
  • Promote work-based and work-oriented learning 
  • Encourage the involvement of policy-makers, training centres, and independent bodies to promote dialogue regarding VET and further training in the public transport sector 
  • Provide access to free modules with teaching and learning materials 
  • Provide access to a Trainer’s Guide which will facilitate the integration of new modules 
  • Create the possibility of the exchange of common learning with other educators from VET fields 
  • Increase ICT competencies on the European level.  

For stakeholders it will: 

  • Promote the benefits of European cooperation regarding experiences and practices in issues of common interest 
  • Raise awareness of relevant topics and the need to implement them in the context of VET and further training in the field of public transport 
  • Create the possibility to adapt and integrate Competence+ modules in VET 
  • Further training programmes of similar professional fields 
  • Promote the benefits and added values of cooperations at the European level for companies, VET and further training of institutions in the field of public transport 

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