A blended learning programme for competence development beyond pure professional skills

The mission of COMPETENCE+ is to provide training for current and future employees in the public transport sector with a blended modular learning concept. The newly acquired skills and knowledge can and should be directly applied in everyday training and work.


Framework document for the structure of E-learning platform

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To reach the project goals, innovative teaching and learning methods will be used in this project. In the blended learning programme, online self-learning modules will be combined with face-to-face and group workshops.

Virtual Reality scenarios

The use of VR simulations for the different topics enables the learners to apply their new knowledge and skills directly in a (simulated) situation.

Environmental Awareness

Competence+ wants to sensitize public transport employees for the importance of green transport systems and their own contribution to fostering sustainability in public transport.

Conflict Management

Competence+ wants to train the abilities to identify and effectively handle situations that may result in misunderstandings or conflict in order to empower public transportations employees and reduce their stress level.

Moral courage

Competence+ wants to equip employees and VET students in the public transport sector with the courage and strategies that allow them to step in should conflict arise and to show them that they have the power and the ability to help people in precarious situations.

Stress management

Competence+ wants to Teach public transport employees how to manage their stress and improve their overall mental health and well-being.

Target groups

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